Trump Negotiates Exclusive "Presidential Immunity" Vaccine with Pharma Giants


Chad G. Patterson

2/12/20242 min read

In an unprecedented move that has left the medical and political worlds baffled, former President Donald Trump has reportedly reached out to major pharmaceutical companies to request a special Covid-19 vaccine tailored to grant him "presidential immunity."

Sources close to the situation reveal that Trump's team has been in talks with vaccine manufacturers, promising lavish incentives and exclusive licensing deals in exchange for developing a vaccine that provides immunity not just from the virus but also from any legal consequences or investigations.

Insiders say that Trump, who once touted hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 cure, is now exploring a vaccine that could offer him a unique shield against legal challenges, investigations, and even potential prosecution.

The proposed vaccine, tentatively named "TrumpVax-45," is rumored to include special ingredients like orange food coloring and a secret blend of hairspray-derived compounds. Additionally, the vaccine is said to come with a built-in "executive privilege" booster, ensuring long-lasting legal protection.

In an exclusive interview, a source claimed, "Trump believes that as a former president, he should have the ultimate immunity – not just from the virus, but from any pesky legal troubles that might come his way. It's a bold and unconventional request, but he's willing to make it worth the pharmaceutical companies' while."

Pharmaceutical executives, initially skeptical about the proposal, are said to be considering the offer due to the potential financial windfall. Trump has promised to market the vaccine as a luxury product, complete with gold-plated syringes and a limited edition collector's coin.

Critics argue that such a vaccine would undermine the principles of equal access to healthcare and legal accountability, but Trump supporters believe it's a genius move to secure his legacy.

While the pharmaceutical companies involved have neither confirmed nor denied the negotiations, the public is left wondering whether "Presidential Immunity" will be the next buzzword in the world of vaccines or if this is just another elaborate tale from the realm of satirical news.

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